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I help businesses sound like the humans who run them.

Websites, Website Copy and Client Communications

Small business owners do it all. 

In fact, most small business owners try to do too much. My guess is you didn't go into business to spend your days writing about your business.

Well, I did.

I help service professionals including attorneys, recruiters, designers, wealth managers, and coaches create written content that is true to their voice but rooted in converted prospects to leads. And it all starts with a website.

Website-First Marketing Strategy

Take Your Website from DIY to Done Right 

Sending mixed messages?

Are you a business owner who had a dream, dove in, put together a website and started getting clients ASAP? Awesome. I love what you're doing. You're my people. That can do attitude is my favorite. 


But my guess is, while you're site's up, you probably unsure if it's actually done right. There's a way to structure a site and its content to ensure you're maximizing the impact it can have, both on the visitors to your site or Google. With my website marketing audit, you can be confident that the words and images you’re using online are getting you more traffic and more clients. 

Tell me more about this website marketing audit....

I'm happy to. So glad you asked. 
Craft EMails that sound like they were sent by a human
Draft and design A sales page on your website that gets you new business
that doesn't make you Cringe
curate a collection of photos that are on brand with your business

Why 1,000 Words?

Everyone has heard the popular saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes it is. But sometimes  1,001 words are more impactful than a single image. I use compelling words and interesting images to help you tell your story and relate to your audience. And I help you determine when you need a good image, a powerful paragraph or a mixture of the two.

Hence, 1,000 Words Marketing.

About Me

I am a news junkie, a word nerd, and I hate insincerity. Why does this matter to you? I am up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, my grammar is impeccable, and I'll always be honest with you about what's working and what's not.

Marketing Musings

My latest blog posts about how small businesses can up their marketing game through content, design and general marketing tips and strategies.

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