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Hello. I'm Amy.

I used to think all marketers were sleazeballs. I am not a sleazeball.

I grew up in a house where my otherwise polite and calm mother would lose her cool whenever a telemarketer called. Marketers to me were people who said whatever they had to say to make a sale and convinced you to buy things you did not need. I still remember the day we got caller ID in our house. The first call that came through was a telemarketer, and my mom blissfully let that call go to our answering machine, feeling like she had won the war.


I never wanted to be associated with a profession that profited from lies. It’s why in college I studied journalism. Journalism was about uncovering and telling truths. It wasn't until I started a family portrait photography business in 2009 that I started to learn I had some serious misconceptions about marketing. Trying to find my ideal clients lead me down a marketing path I previously did not know existed.


To me, marketing isn’t about telling someone what they want to hear. It’s about getting to the root of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. And then crafting your marketing to match so you can attract like-minded people who are more likely to buy what you’re offering.

My goal with any new client is to help them answer those big questions and create marketing that speaks to their unique vision and goals.

Your ideal customers are out there looking for you. Don’t waste your time convincing the wrong clients that you’re right for them. No one has time for that.

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My Philosopy

There’s a great TED talk by Simon Sinek about why businesses succeed. If you haven't watched it, do. In fact, watch it now right here. If you don’t have 17 minutes, let me summarize what Simon says: People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do what you do.


As a small business owner, I believe you are doing your business a great disservice by not letting your customers know why you do what you do. You are not Microsoft. You are not General Motors. You are not Morgan Stanley (unless your name actually is Morgan Stanley). You are a person who had an idea, took a leap of faith, and bravely created your own business. Not many people do that. And the thing you have over the Microsoft’s of the world is you and your unique vision and desire to build a business and run it the way you want to. Regardless if that business is washing dog paws, tutoring eighth graders in Spanish or photographing newborns, it should be central to your online message. I will help you create copy and imagery that reinforces this powerful message that is uniquely you.

My Philosophy

Contact me. I want to help your ideal clients find you.

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