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What Do You Need Me to Do?

Write Your


You cannot escape the written word. Whether it's social media posts, your e-mail welcome sequence or a new sales page for your website, you need to write. And in today’s face-paced world, people don’t have time to figure out what you’re trying to say. You need to say it clearly, succinctly and preferably with some humor or intrigue. I am a  professional copywriter who will do that every time.

Improve your Website

Good web design is not about having the prettiest site. It's about having the most useful site. Unless you are starting from scratch, you shouldn't be thinking about a website redesign. Sometimes all it takes to improve your site is editing a homepage, rewriting copy, or fixing your SEO. These things can lead to increased profit margins without all the hassle associated with a complete redesign. 


If you're not a copywriter, stop writing.

As a business owner, you need to write. Between blog posts, emails, and printed materials, you cannot escape the written word. I am your escape.


When I was studying journalism in college, my professors drilled into me the necessity for capturing a reader's attention within the first sentence of an article. If you don’t hook a reader there, you’ve lost them. In today’s world of never-ending social media feeds, people don’t want to figure out what you’re trying to say. You need to say it clearly, succinctly, and preferably with some humor or intrigue, whether that's in a Facebook post or a proposal you're submitting for that next big project you're dying to get. 


Where we start:​

I can write blog posts, bios, email sales sequences, social media posts, or website copy. But before I dive into any of that, I need to see what you have. What are you already saying? Where is your copy already strong? Where are you saying things that are no longer true about you or your business? 

I start with a Copy Clarity Session. This session starts with a full inventory of the marketing messages you're already putting out. Before we meet, I conduct a full examination of:

  • Your website, including visitor stats and SEO

  • Your social media profiles, posts, audiences, and engagement

  • Your recurring communications to clients and prospective clients

I will take a look at it all and draft an outline of where you're missing the mark and where you're absolutely killing it.

From there, you and I will meet to get a better sense of what's working and what needs to be changed like yesterday. You see, I'm a copywriter but I'm a marketer first. My goal is to bring a fresh perspective to what you're doing and together, we determine where your or my efforts are best spent going forward. But even if all you do is a Copy Clarity Session, you still walk away with a clear direction of where to focus your marketing efforts and what your messaging should be going forward.

Get clarity. Get focused. Get more clients. 



I want to love my website
There's more to designing a website than pretty pictures and fancy fonts.


There are plenty of website platforms that allow even the least technologically advanced people to create and maintain a website. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Good websites start with compelling copy that speaks to your ideal client and convinces them that you are the only person they need to work with. If you're not a professional copywriter, this can get lost in all the design bells and whistles. An attractive website that doesn't convert clients is useless. 


If you already have a website, A Redesign should not be your starting point.


Don't automatically assume just because you hate your website that you need to scrap the whole thing and start over. I've been through a handful of redesigns - some costing upwards of $100,000 - and let me tell you, they are never fun. They take longer and cost more than everyone expects. 


The ultimate goal of your site should be converting prospects to clients. To do that, perhaps all you need is SEO optimization, a better homepage, easier navigation, or a landing page dedicated to your primary offer. Let's start there. Not with a blank canvas. 

Where We Start

I begin website projects with a Website Strategy Session. I'll do a deep dive into your site to look at:

  • Your site's copy, messaging, and tone

  • Its SEO to see how well it's performing for Google

  • Your images and design elements

  • Grammar and working hyperlinks

  • The site's structure and overall user experience

After I've done my thorough review, we'll schedule a Zoom call to go over it all. You'll walk away from that with some immediate improvements you can make to your site. And we'll have a good sense of where my time and energy should be focused if you want to keep working with me. 

Web Design

Ready to take some marketing projects off your plate and put them on mine? I am. 

Contact me and let's get the ball rolling. I cannot wait. 

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